FoxCut Waterjet Services, conveniently located in Carn Industrial Estate, Craigavon,
specialises in robotic waterjet cutting. With state-of-the art robotic waterjet cutting
equipment and CAD/CAM technology, our shop provides quick turnaround as well as precise, economical cutting of virtually any material or part.

The waterjet process is recognised as the most versatile and fastest growing process in the world and is used in high production applications across the globe.

Foxcut Waterjet Services use Water jet cutting machines to profile a very wide range of materials from 100mm thick armour plate, titanium and stainless steel, through
aluminium and down to lightweight foam. We can offer a tolerance of ± 0.3mm (there can be up to 1mm of the material removed during cutting).
These advanced machines are flexible enough to cut glass, ceramics, rubber, wood, plastics – and in fact if you can imagine it, Foxcut can cut it!

“There are virtually no limits to what Foxcut Waterjet Services are capable of cutting and profiling”

You can be confident in getting the parts that you specify & the standards you demand, consistently & quickly. We would like to invite you to email us with any project of any size.